"Can coffee induce anxiety"

Anxiety comes as a serious trauma in life. In a nutshell, anxiety is like a long-term stress which brings a myriad of damage to the mind and body. Stress even causes DNA harm and putting every last one of your cells into danger. On the other hand, mental tension can possibly put you in danger of unexpected cancer development, organ failure, bad memory, and what not. 

Even the short-term anxiety is dangerous. Non-stop, persevering tension leads to exhaustion and negative thought-process. This puts you off from any kind of life's delights. It may also come with physical indications like nausea, indigestion etc. 

In all, when you experience anxiety and tension regularly, it is something that needs to be cured. The only way to treat it is to make sure your habits are not causing it.  One of the most common eatables that people claim can cause uses anxiety is coffee.

Shockingly, instead of relaxing your mind and mood, coffee can even lead you feeling a bit more nervous. This causes higher heart rate and more anxiety. The interesting point is, it does not create any new anxiety, but if you already have anxiety it can make you feel worse. 

Issues That Link Caffeine and Anxiety
It's quite possible that one of the core reasons which could link coffee with tension is that, anxiety is a subjective occurrence. Most people can feel the results of caffeine when it gets into their system. Those that feel this difference, are asked about their anxiety levels may simply be accrediting some extra energy to anxiety which was already there. 

Also, caffeinated beverages could affect anxiety as well. Refined sugars can cause untimely harm to the body. Furthermore, sodas or any heavily sugared caffeinated drinks are not ideal replacements.

All these reasons could potentially link caffeine and anxiety. However, none of them proves that coffee is the root cause of generalized anxiety. 

Should You or Should You Not Drink It?
Those with the anxiety issue, go under a considerable amount of stress every day. That stress can be a very effective day to day living. Hence, people who face these challenges must consider every small thing which they can do to improve the quality of life.

This also includes that, if you feel coffee is making you anxious, cut it from your eating habits. You can just try eliminating it from your diet and see if you feel any better. 

Panic attacks are the resulting area which caffeine may bring as after-effects.  Some common symptoms are:

•    Gradual and slight increase in heart rate.

•    Excessive energy.

•    Some stomach discomfort or bloating.

However, researchers are yet to show a strong link between coffee and anxiety. Some other research show some unexpected results stating that not only does caffeine not affect anxiety, it could, in fact, benefit it more. As far as you're not addicted to gulping in jugs of hot coffee in a day and not going under any panic attacks, there's little reason to just stop sipping your next cup of the power booster.