"Can you be born with STD's"

Every 1 in 4 pregnant women in the U.S has developed sexually transmitted disease or (STD). Due to many asymptomatic STDs, many pregnant women cannot make out the 
disastrous onset of the disease until there is a manifestation of it in the form of side-effects and other associated health complications. Not only does it affect you during your pregnancy, but it is life-threatening for your unborn baby too.

There is a high chance for an infected pregnant mother to transmit viruses during the vaginal delivery of her baby. The virus is then passed onto the baby, and putting her life at risk.

As the name suggests, STDs spread from person to person through sexual contacts between the persons. It becomes serious and fatal when there is no outbreak of the disease, preventing you from making ideas about the onset of the disease. This is how; most often many pregnant women do not go through a screening for disease diagnosis, resulting in debilitating conditions for the baby and the mother too. Any form of sexually transmitted disease can lead to the failure of the nervous system, and also deaths.   

Why Are STDs Fatal For Babies?
In today’s scenario, sexually transmitted disease does not get too much attention due to its abnormal behavior many a time, and poses severe life threats to babies. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year as nearly as 19 million American women are infected with STDs. Many of the women keep developing the symptoms of this disease unknowingly in form of warts around their genitals and even develop cervical cancer, and other curable disease like gonorrhea and Chlamydia. 

Eventually, they put their babies at risks of these diseases.
One of its major reasons is asymptomatic features, making pregnant women and their babies vulnerable to suffer from its many conditions.

If it goes untreated, it can put long-term ill effects on the health of the baby as well as for the mother.  Mothers can suffer from preterm labor, while the babies can develop low weight issues, including pneumonia, permanent blindness, developmental disability, brain damage and even death. Sometimes, they are responsible to cause infertility issues in many women, and put them at risk of developing AIDs through HIV virus transmission, and eventually pass it onto their babies.

Pregnant women seem to be less aware of the dangers and effects of STDs for them and their babies, as they do for toxoplasmosis.
It is dangerous since it poses threats for everyone irrespective of their past and present sexual behavior.

This STD is likely to affect the pregnant mothers’ Fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. It leads to ectopic pregnancy. And as a result, the babies can have severe conditions like eye infections, preterm birth, and even pneumonia.  

It is asymptomatic, and causing pregnant mothers arthritis, joint pain, and even cardiovascular and mental damage. Babies are at a risk to develop blindness.
Other STDs like herpes, human papillomavirus, syphilis and Aids are causing life threats to the mothers and babies. You need better clinical treatments for a long-term relief.