"Is Alcohol More Dangerous To The Brain Than Marijuana"

We all know that the legalization of marijuana is on the rise, but is there anything to worry about its potential risks to health? They do pose some health risks, but not as harsh as alcohol does. According to the study, alcohol consumption is more damaging than marijuana, at least for the mental health.

Scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder looked at the existing imaging data of more than 850 adults and 430 teenagers to identify the effects of the alcohol and marijuana or cannabis on the brain. The review of the imaging expressed that alcohol and not marijuana puts ill effects on the brain, leading to the lower volumes of gray and white brain tissues. And the effects to the brain remain for long. On the other hand, marijuana does not seem to put any long-term effects on the gray and white matter of the brain.

The elaborate finding of the study has been made available in the Journal Addiction, where lead author of the study has shared his views about the spread of both the substances, and their effects.

As per their reports, as many as 22.2 million people all across the US are used to consume marijuana for the last few months, leading as the most preferred drug substance or commonly drug in the country.

At the same time, having some medicinal and recreational properties, it has gained popularity amongst the users, and hence it does not draw any legal drawbacks. Ever since, there has been a change in the legalization regarding this drug, the study was envisioned to focus on its good and bad effects on health.

How Crucial Are The Gray And White Matter Of The Brain?
Provided the brain volume’s responses to different drug uses, the effects of the drugs react differently.

How the brain will function is determined by the gray matter, while the white matter controls the communication process between the nerves in the brain. Since, alcohol use is tied to reducing this volume; an inch of a reduction could lead to serious outcomes for the mental health. However, it does not deny the negative effects of marijuana, but the severity caused to the brain by alcohol is nowhere near to the marijuana.

However, we cannot be sure how these two different drug substances are related to cause harm to the brain. So, the study released a mixed view on the use of these drugs.

Which Is Worse- Marijuana Or Alcohol?
Since, there is a mix result about their severities on the brain functions; we have to rely upon the studies.

If studies are to believed dating back to a few years, one of the studies focused that the volume of the hippocampus is reduced due to the use of marijuana, while another study highlighted the reduction of cerebellum because of the use of marijuana.

None of these studies are validating their results. So, the latest study based on the imaging data seems to be favoring marijuana for not causing a debilitating result as alcohol.

For adults, those who have been drinking for many years now have reduced the gray matter in the brain, coupled with a reduction in white matter too. So, based on this finding, we could come to a conclusion that alcohol is harmful for the brain health.