" Tips For A Healthy Immune System"

Have you ever thought what makes you so strong to defend the foreign attacks of the microorganisms to your body? And how do you keep yourself healthy from disease causing bacteria?

It’s all for your immune system, which keeps you healthy and turns you defensive against all the attacks of the viruses and bacteria. This amazing system of the body keeps working all around the clock, and helps you fight the diseases. Despite its effectiveness and serious concern towards the body, it fails to work as needed to protect you from the harmful disease sometimes. As a result, we fall sick. So, what healthy strategies we should adopt to keep disease at bay and boost our immune system. Of course, there are dozens of ways to keep your immune system healthy.

How Immune System Works?
The immune system comprises cells, organs, tissues, and proteins to develop a network, and create a defensive shield to protect us from the damaging foreign attackers and illnesses.

The proper immune functions are indeed necessary to protect us from the threats such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. On observing their attacks, it releases immune responses to destroy them and protect us. Generally, there are two parts of the immune systems- innate and adaptive.

Innate immunity is wired with us from our birth, and it offers a natural protection upon suspecting the attack of the viruses and germs. When it suspects such threats, it causes us a fever. On the other hand, we develop adaptive immunity from vaccinations, which develops in us all throughout our lives. This immune system is apt to build antibodies and help protect us from the adversities of the illnesses.

There are no ways through which you can boost your innate immunity. And once this system malfunctions, we are exposed to so many illnesses, such as lethargy, depression, runny nose and fever. However, we can boost our adaptive immunity with vaccinations, and other ways.

Things We Should Use To Boost Our Immune Systems

Vitamins And Minerals
Zinc deficiencies wreck havoc on the immune system in older people. You can opt to take Vitamin D supplements to reduce inflammation responses to the immune system and strengthen it. As per researchers, Vitamin D triggers T cells, and defends the onset of cancers in many older people. It also reduces the respiratory symptoms.

There are so many foods which are effective in boosting immune responses.
Soluble fibers contain anti-inflammatory properties, hence it soothes immune systems and provides faster response to infections.

Red grapes and blueberries
These fruits are enriched with Resveratrol and Pterostilbene, which are useful in improving the immune functions. At the same time, the innate immune system gets a boost from these fruits.

Probiotics have the potential to defend adverse effects of antibiotics. Eat yogurt made from goat milk to help improve your immune response to the attacks of infections.

Fish Oil
Fish oil is enriched with DHA, which is aimed at improving the functions of B cells, and aid the development of immune systems.  
To maintain your immunity and make it stronger, you choose to take a daily exercise, take enough sleep, and eat the right diet. If you maintain it with the right balance, you can maintain your immunity too.