"What is diabetes and how to deal with it"

Regarding Diabetes, what all precautions need to be taken as you could know from this informative article on how to deal with diabetes at home. Diabetes is considered a silent killer. Let's try to understand exactly how our body reacts to sugar/glucose in diabetes and what is the relation between Insulin and blood glucose.
                                     Diabetes: A silent killer
Diabetes is directly or indirectly linked with our lifestyle and is one of the most common Metabolism disorder which is a precursor of a number of other diseases and illness such as illness of eye, gastrointestinal problems, skin eczema etc. With suitable changes in your lifestyle, you can always keep diabetes under control. Wake up when there are time and relation between Insulin and blood glucose, rather than leave it unchecked by which diabetes can be fatal for life. We get energy from the food we eat. The sugar in our food is converted into Glucose and enters in our bloodstream in our body, there is a gland called Pancreas just below the stomach, which is linked with our digestive system. Pancreas continuously secretes a hormone called INSULIN in our body. This helps to digest Glucose in the blood. With the help of insulin, our body cells absorb this glucose. Cells utilize this glucose for growth and other daily life processes. When a person enters in the pre-diabetic range, his body cells start losing its efficiency to absorb glucose from the blood and hence, a signal is sent to the brain about it. In return, brain signals pancreas to secrete more insulin so that cells may absorb sufficient glucose from the blood.

Pancreas becomes overloaded with the demand to produce more insulin as the process continues. But the problem here is not with the pancreas but with the cell's mechanism by which it identifies the existence of glucose in the blood. Ultimately pancreas collapses after a while and pancreas start to stress out. Now, even though, there is sufficient glucose in the blood, our cells are not able to utilize them. This is a fatal condition. Now there is no working system in the body to check out the glucose level in the blood. In such a stage, the person is fully dependent on insulin injections.

Hyperglycemia is the body condition in which there is a huge amount of glucose in our blood. And when there are low levels of glucose in the blood, the condition is called Hypoglycemia.

There are two types of diabetes:

Type-1 diabetes: When the body is not producing Insulin.

Type-2 diabetes: When Pancreas is producing insulin but Cells are not responding correctly.

Though type-1 diabetes is not preventable, type-2 Diabetes can be very effectively prevented by a proper change in our lifestyle. A proper check on our body weight can lower the risk of type-2 diabetes together with proper eating habits, active lifestyle, Yoga or regular exercising regime etc.

Food for the Diabetic patients:
Eating right at the right intervals of time is the key to good health for any diabetic patient. Break the food quantity into 4 or 5 servings of small-small meals Instead of having 3 large meals a day. Let us see what is to be preferred by a diabetic person:

Fresh fruits: Consume fresh fruits as they are rich in fibre, low in calories, full of anti-oxidants and high in vitamins and minerals, which is more favourable Instead of consuming fruit juices.

Vegetables: fresh vegetables are a very good source of fibres plus they are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. You are consuming less of carbohydrate in your diet, as vegetables give fuller feeling in the stomach. 

Beans: Beans are known to slow down the digestion. It keeps the blood sugar from spiking after a meal. That means they actually lower down your net glucose level in the blood.

Cereals: Cereals are the low-calorie food best for the breakfast. Try mixing and serving different types of cereals per serving. It tastes better and does not boost our blood glucose.

Fish: Fish is the best source of proteins. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps keep our heart and arteries clean.

There are many things proved beneficial in controlling blood glucose in our body like olive oil, poultry breast, yoghurt, cinnamon, Indian blackberry and bitter gourd etc.